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Additonal info and pics of Asus' OCgear.

Endgaget's Chinese divison has provided the webiverse with some more purdy pictures and a few more details on Asus' OCgear panel for desktops and their mobile OCgear gaming solution as well. In that gallery, the first 6 pictures are of the 5.25" desktop device and the last three are of the laptop gaming device. Apparently they were planning on using a proprietary connector to connect the desktop panel to the PC but they found out that a USB connection was actually a faster connection. They did not say if the USB connection will be connected to a USB header on the motherboard, or if the unit needs to be plugged into a USB port. From the looks of the third picture in the gallery, it looks like the black thing is a USB header plug thingy.

Link to our first news post on this device

Asus OCgear

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