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A video card by any other name...

The GTS 240 will be upon us soon. This card has a dark secret which has already been revealed. Do not be fooled! For under the guise of a GTS 240 lies an overclocked 9800 GT! (Duh duh duh!)

There is more! The GTS 240 is not alone, for the GTS 250 will also be using this covert tactic to infiltrate your wallet. We have received reliable intel which claims that the GTS 250 is exactly the same as the 9800 GTX+.

We hereby urge all video card consumers to remain vigilant in these confusing times. Warn your friends and neighbors and make sure to practice your counter-insurgency drills daily.

GPUReview High Command HQ

General Steve McBarnes

P.S. There is a 9800 GT Green Edition too.

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