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A review of that overpriced watercooled, BFG 512MB 8800 GTS.

Remember the story I wrote about the newest overpriced watercooled card from BFG? Well [H]ard|OCP has just posted a review of the card. I thought you would like to know.

"Though all this does not come cheap with an MSRP of $529 on BFGTech's website. If we look at the current cost of Danger Den’s full card 8800 GTS waterblock we can find out about how much you could save by installing it yourself (though at the time of writing this they are not selling a compatible block). The current blocks cost $135 which means you could save money by installing the block yourself and of course you would be voiding your warranty. The beauty of the BFGTech video card is that it is fully under warranty with the waterblock already installed."

Yeah. That sounds familar. 

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