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A new version of GPU-Z is available.

Many of you may have heard of a program known as CPU-Z. It is a free small program that displays a lot of useful information about your CPU, motherboard and memory. Here is what the front tab of CPU-Z looks like:

CPU-Z front

techPowerUp! has developed a similar utility for graphics cards and they call it GPU-Z. You can download the latest version 0.0.6 right here. Here is what the front tab of GPU-Z looks like:

GPU-Z front

To be clear, these little utilities display (usually VERY accurate) information about your system. They do not allow you to overclock or change any settings.


A GPUReview commenter by the name of Jimmy 2004 has provided us with a link to the GPU-Z section in the techPowerUp! forums. He adds, " ...it's a very early version so plenty of people are finding some issues, and if you report any you are having along with your hardware specification it should help speed up the development."

EDIT  2:

They have version 0.0.6 ready already. I changed the link in the story. 

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