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A new cheaper GTX 260 is on the way...

So that means this is the 4th time the GTX 260 is getting a makeover. First there was the launch GTX 260, the GTX 260 with 216 shader processors and then the 55nm version with 216 SPs. The changes present in this new 260 are all PCB related though. If that is true, it might be impossible for me to tell which GTX 260s are using the new design. The manufacturers will not mention the new PCB on the web pages for the new cards and it will be difficult to see the differences when looking at the card with its cooler on it.

Well, the new GTX 260 will be $10 to $15 cheaper than the current 55nm design and it will be available before March. So... hurray!

Colorful GTX 260s

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