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9 days later he makes another news post.

I am such a lazy jerk you guys. I do a video podcast then I don't make another post for a whole week. Of course there are excuses. Excuses like I have not had time to search forums and sites for news that is worth posting...

So I feel bad. I feel like I am letting you down. So here comes a post with some things in it. Prepare yourself!

Apparently AMD and Nvidia are attempting to kill me by releasing their new cards within two days of each other in June. I have enough work to do when I only have to enter reviews and specs on one new card like the 9800 GX2. According to that article, AMD is launching the HD 4850 on the 16th and then Nvidia is launching the 260 and 280 two days later. Aye carumba!

According to an Asian site that this VR-Zone forum dude translated the GTX 280 will give us twice the perfromance of a 9800 GX2. The GTX 280 will also have 240 shader processors which is more than any Nvidia card except the 9800 GX2 (which has 256 due to its dual GPU/dual PCB design).

NordicHardware has revealed the core and memory speeds of the HD 4850 and 4870. I changed our pages for those cards to match the speeds they reported.

I will also take this opportunity to tease a news story that I hope to post soon. I have notified Evga that another video card manufacturer has stolen one of their trademarks. If any of you can guess which company is infringing on Evga's trademark, or what the trademark is before I post the story, I will be impressed. You can leave a comment with your guess, but if you guess correctly I won't approve your comment until I write the full story.

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