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5,000 video cards down, several hundred more to go!

It is true! I just finished adding the 5,000th video card to our database. I looked around for something really interesting to add, but the best thing I could find was an overclocked 8500 GT from MSI. Mike and I are very excited about this milestone and we are still thinking about things we can do to celebrate. I am thinking I might record a special message for you guys when I get home tonight. I am sure that you all are just so excited to hear my voice for the first time. I hope i don't disappoint.

There are 76 cards in the parser right now, 73 of which are ECS video cards. I can't access ECS' site from work so that is why there are so many left. What I am really working on right now are Jetway, Triplex and Rosewill video cards. Those manufacurers are not in the parser yet, but I don't mind doing things the old fashioned way. If I were to guess (and I am going to), I would say there are maybe a total of 400-500 more video cards that are on manufacturer web sites left for us to enter as of right this second.

Mike is working on a new page which will allow you to search for specific retail cards. So if you were looking for a Sapphire Blizzard video card, you could find them using the search. When the search is ready, we would appreciate it if thousands of you would refrain from searching for the words "GeForce" and/or "Radeon" all at the same time. After all, we don't want to clog up the tubes that the Interweb is made out of.

Here is the hard proof of our milestone accomplishment. That second number (3,603) means that 1,396 of our retail video card links no longer lead to a web page. This happens because manufacturers change their sites or make brand new sites. We will work on correcting as many links as possible. I have been working hard at gathering photos of all our video cards. Early this week there were 340 cards without images, so I have made some good progress.

5,000 video card milestone

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