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3DMark 8800 GT vs 8800 Ultra comparison.

I am back from the vacation that I never told you about! Hurray! I spent several awesome days playing the totally sweet games that are contained within the confines of the Orange Box and watching some movies that I meant to see earlier, but never did. Now it is news time!

I found this lovely thread over at the [H]ard|Forums just now. Apparently one of the persons at Expreview has decided to (join the [H]ard|Forums and) post some 8800 GT vs 8800 Ultra comparison data in English. According to the data provided, the 8800 GT trails the Ultra by only 17% in 3DMark06. For those of you that love reading languages other than English, you can see Expreview's write up here.


Expreivew 8800 GT card pic.


Expreview data chart.


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