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$320 512MB 8800 GTS + $109 Waterblock = $529 card.

Danger Den and BFG coming together to bankrupt you is not really a new development, but I have not really pointed it out until now. Today BFG is officially letting you know that they want you to pay $100 too much for a 512MB 8800 GTS with this Danger Den waterblock installed onto it.

"Each card will be hand-built by a trained BFG technician with Arctic Silver® thermal compound and includes 1/2”, 3/8” and 1/4” fittings (barbs)..."

Does it really cost $100 to have a person attach a waterblock to your card, include 6 fittings (2 each size) and to change the clocks to 700MHz for the core and 1,728MHz for the shader? I really don't think so. The reason it costs so much I think is because they "hand-build" so few of them which means that the total cost is spread between a small amount of units. AND they hand build so few of them because few people buy them because they cost so much! It is a vicious cycle to be sure... but if they charged less for them, then more people MIGHT buy them which means the cost of "hand building" each one goes down.

I think I must have learned something in my economics courses.


Money, money. MONEY!

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